Graeme ClarkBioshop

With lots of successful tours under his belt both solo & in a band; with 2 critically acclaimed albums (Mr Understanding & The Thought Collector) and 3 previous EPs, Graeme Clark has shown how his solo career works alongside his other other day job.

As Bass Player and songwriter for the highly successful Wet Wet Wet, Graeme enjoyed levels of success and fame that most artists only dream of. The band have enjoyed over 30 chart hits and you can't do that without learning an awful lot about song-writing, performing and record producing along the way in a host of exotic places including Miraval, a French Chateau, the island of Capri, LA, NYNY, Memphis and many of the prettiest spots in Britain. 

“You always like to be in control of your own destiny and sometimes you can achieve that. When fame and fortune knocked the door down it brought some unpredictable side-effects, some good and some not so good,” says the man who lives for his music, “But, these days, I’m happy to be writing, and playing live when I can, and with people that are like minded".

There's no doubt that being in front of audiences and performing is the world that Graeme most likes to inhabit. “I first saw The Ramones in the Glasgow Apollo in 1977, I had hoped I could do as they had and play music to an audience. We formed a band when we were still in the playground and it still feels like at times, both in behaviour and mentality!  Call it luck, serendipity our whatever you want, but I met some good people in that school ; some of which I still count as friends today".  After all the documented chart success, world tours, break ups, break downs, kids, marriages, life etc…… Wet Wet Wet are still writing the book. Who knows what will be written next.

In 1978 when Graeme & Tommy met on that school bus in Clydebank, little did they know that they would not only start a band, but also write the kind of songs that went out there & grew arms and legs that carried a musical message that still resonates today. By 1980 Neil Mitchell had joined to make it trio, then Mark McLachlan completed the first line up. A few years later in 1983 Graeme Duffin augmented the quartet.

There was a Brit award, Child-line phone lines set up in Scotland, Nordoff Robbins Charity Library, countless number 1 albums and singles.

Everyone will agree that being in a band is an amazing way to spend your 20s’ and 30s’ but to stretch it out into the 40s’ & 50s’ takes something special.  

Since 2011 Graeme has been doing shows, solo and with his band. 2017 is no different. With his solo venture about to take on the guise of "An Audience with The Thought Collector” where he will be answering questions relating to his songwriting with Wet Wet Wet but also his own songwriting career. “I hope I can be candid enough to give people a small insight into what I am about musically, also what it was like to be in a band that captured the imagination of the public. Its driven by music I've created in the recent past but with a nod to the music I helped create back then too.”

Graeme adds “I’ve always had someone or a band beside me onstage, but here I’m alone with only the songs and a few stories’. The exciting part is GC has never attempted anything like this before. That's where he wants to be, continually pushing himself outside the comfort zone. "To be fair, I’ve never done anything like this before so who knows what will happen? Just like when Dean Johnson and I attempted to write a song during a gig last year. You lean heavily on the audience and this will be similar. The audience need to feel they are part of this". Good thing he has the songs to back up anything that will be thrown at him. If it gets sticky or uncomfortable, "I'm lucky I've got some tunes up my sleeve that I can rely on.

Graeme takes his "An Audience with The Thought Collector” gig to these venues:

As our world tilts towards the sun, in our favour. I can now remember what’s been missing in my life for months....... Things are bursting into life everywhere. Anyway, I’ve had enough of looking into the darkness for a while. On the Live Music front I have a couple of gigs;

2nd June - Lyrics Bridgegate Square Irvine.

9th June - Howden Park Centre Livingston

These shows will feature unique arrangements of my songs, old and new, with a few stories thrown in and my take on 30years making, playing & producing music.
I’ll be joined by friends, Stevie Lawrence & Fiona Cuthill. Bringing together our intimate trio of Acoustic guitar, Violin and Bouzouki.

Please come and join us for a wander down my musical pathway.